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My first time using Linux

Hey, I'm Lynne and I've been learning development for 3 years. But I've always been using Windows and to be honest it's mostly good for playing games and basic school work. But I now know that I need something that can handle being an experiment for coding.

Yea yea, I know I was pretty stubborn to stick with windows for coding, I mean I still do, but that will change. So, yesterday I started The Odin Project and I learned how to download and set up a VM (Virtual Machine). I do have a raspberry pi 3B laying around but before I install Linux on it I wanna test it out on a VM. The Odin Project has a very good point that convince me to finally try out Linux. For those of you who's also on TOP know what I mean, also Hi fellow TOP learners!

Now I spent the entire day, yesterday, to set up my VM and installed Xubuntu. So far, I only got to get the basics down like basic commands, installing VScode, and etc. And I gotta say I'm starting to like it, love it even. This was also very exciting for me to finally learn about Linux and I can't want to learn even more!

Anyways, I'm about to continue my lessons in TOP. I got my coffee, hope you do too, and I hope you all have a good day and tell me what you learned today (Or yesterday).

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