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Tips for computer science students

Here are some tips that I would like computer science/software engineering graduates to consider once they graduate:

πŸ’‘ Choose experience over salary: I understand that when you graduate you dream about earning big money because you’ve been grinding throughout the university, and now you want to earn better money. However, first, you work for experience, and then the experience will work for you in the future.

πŸ’‘ Attend networking events: networking is a great way to meet people who can help you get your first job. Try to attend face-to-face meetups, webinars, conferences, and employability events. Network with the intention of making friends, because friends are the ones who are actually going to help you.

πŸ’‘ Stick with one language and framework: pick whatever language you like and stick with it for some time. You will learn more languages, tools, and frameworks as time goes by, but my point is that there is no point in learning multiple languages and frameworks just to make your CV look fuller (or β€œexperienced”).

I hope this helps! 😊

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Larry Martin

This advice hits the nail on the head. Experience is indeed a treasure and networking opens doors that skills alone might not. Mastering one language deeply before exploring others resonates a lot.
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