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Cheat-Sheets πŸ“„ for must-know as Developer πŸš€


  • Cheat-sheets for developers are invaluable tools to have in your arsenal.

  • They provide quick and easy access to vital information that can help you solve problems quickly and efficiently, saving time and energy.

  • Cheat-sheets are especially useful when learning a new programming language or framework, as they allow developers to quickly reference the syntax of functions or commands without having to look them up every time.

  • The great thing about cheat-sheets is that they come in many different forms so there’s bound to be one out there that fits your needs perfectly.

  • From printable PDF documents with all the essential information laid out on one page,
    through browser extensions which offer searchable snippets of code from multiple sources at once - no matter what type of developer you are, chances are good you'll find something suitable for your needs!

  • Finally, it's worth noting how important it is not only just use cheat-sheets but also to take the time now and then to review their content thoroughly.

  • This will ensure any knowledge gaps get filled before they become an issue down the line!

  • Keeping a few handy references close by can make all difference between getting stuck on a problem forever versus solving it right away happy coding everyone!

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