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Discussion on: [On-Demand Talk] A Programmer's Guide to Mental Health

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Thanks for your talk! Do you think burnout means different things to different people? Do you have advice for what to do if you do inadvertently burn out? How do you approach talking to a company you're employed at if you feel yourself reaching burnout?

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Raymond Chung Author

Hey mariessad!

That's a great question! Yes, burnout can mean different things for different people! For myself, I burned out mentally. But for someone who works in construction for example, they can feel burned out physically.

My advice would be to take a well-rested break. At times you may not realized it, but stepping away for a bit, would help.

Every company is different. I would mention it during your 1:1s with your lead or your HR rep on how you are feeling. It's better to be transparent if you know you're reaching burnout, then being burned out.