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Mark King • Edited on

Hello. It looks like my original post was deleted :-(

My name is Mark and I am located in North Carolina (The Triangle). I decided to participate in the challenge to help me focus on a strategy to consistently code to grow my skills.

What worked "coding-wise":
What works for me is working on projects that solves an issue and/or where there is a deadline. I definitely do better with a structured environment. I completed a couple of nano-degrees from Udacity.

What has not worked:
What has not worked in the past is completing projects I am not interested in working on. I lose motivation because the projects did not seem to solve a problem. I get I am constantly learning and everything will not be exciting; however, it currently is a "blocker".

Long term goals:

  • Land a job in tech and/or freelance work as a developer

Short Team goal:

  • automate task for those in my circle of influence
  • grow my dev network