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Discussion on: CodeLand 2021 Hallway — Day Two

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Matt Eves

Hi Emily - this resonated with me, I'm pretty anti-social when it comes to social media 🤔, but, starting to learn coding got me onto Twitter which I've pretty much set up 20% following work related stuff (public/population health) and the majority being newbie coding stuff. The benefit is the Twitter algorithm serves me up an echo chamber of relevant stuff, which has def been useful (prompting thought / looking signpost to sites etc.) - but, requires a degree of discipline to not allow it to be yet another forum that can over-face you / serve as an enabler to making you feel you're inadequate compared to other "proper coders". A talk yesterday from PJ really resonated on this front - you only get to see everyone else's highlight reel compared to your own personal all-access blooper reel; worth staying cognisant of that (was a useful reminder for me, so noting here in case useful for you too). bw.

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Emily Brooks (She/Her)

Yes! I watched that talk as well. Good tip - to not let it serve as a comparison forum, but rather a connection and learning tool. Thanks!!