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How To Use Smart Tags in OptinMonster?

What Are Smart Tags

Smart tags allow you to add dynamic text to your campaign.
For example, you can show a visitor’s name or the current day of the week automatically using specially formatted placeholder text.

Add a Smart Tag

When you create a campaign you can customize the text using Smart Tags. You can use our predefined smart tags or define your own custom Smart Tags.

To add a Smart Tag, follow these steps:

  1. Direct-select a text element in the campaign builder to edit it.
  2. In the text edit toolbar, select the { } curly braces button to choose a predefined Smart Tag.
  3. Select the Smart Tag you want and it will be automatically added to the text field editor.
  4. (Optional) Define the default value you’d like to use for the Smart Tag in case the tag cannot find the necessary information.
  5. When you’re finished, click Save.
  6. Once the campaign is live, the Smart Tag will be replaced with the dynamic value.

Smart Tag Format

Every Smart Tag must start with two opening curly braces and end with two closing curly braces. This allows us to determine which content should be replaced inside of your campaign.
The first value should be either a predefined smart tag or the name of a custom variable you have defined.


You can optionally use a pipe character (|) followed by text to use as the default in the event that the tag information cannot be found.


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