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Discussion on: I'm Saron Yitbarek, Founder of CodeNewbie — Ask Me Anything!

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Matt C

Greetings Sharon,
Congratulations on the roll-out of Codenewbie. I look forward to seeing where it might go. I have been reading for over a year now and really like the depth and breadth of content. The content of (in my tiny mind ;)) encompasses both newbie tips and sophisticated and detailed advice. Seeing your AMA here made me want to reach out.

Q.What was your goal or vision on how you felt Codenewbie could be different from And what lead you to this conclusion?

This morning I woke to read both and Codenewbie and found two identical articles on each site.

My point is (not to blame/shame but) that when I looked at the two posts I could not tell which site was most appropriate for that content.

Q.Even though it is still early, do you feel that Codenewbie is going in the direction you foresaw?

Best to you,

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Saron Yitbarek Ask Me Anything

Great question! Right now, we're for sure cross-posting so we can build up some momentum and kick-start the content creation process, but we're hoping that's more of a short-term thing. and CodeNewbie definitely have some overlap but I think there's value in having a community that's explicitly for beginners. Having a safe space on the internet where everything is optimized for people just getting started with topics that are designed for their experience level, where there might be more stories as opposed to more technical content, is very valuable to new devs and people who may not quite be ready for the range and technical expertise that offers, and that's what we aim to be.

I've always wanted CodeNewbie to have a home on the internet, and this is the first time I feel like we've had that, so it's definitely going in the direction that I'd hoped. Before this, we lived on a bunch of other people's platforms and now, we finally have a place of our own! I'm really excited to see all the awesome stuff people make and share here :) I hope that answers you question!