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Discussion on: The Toll On Mental Health From Searching For a Job! Especially an Entry-level or Junior role.

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Matt C

Hi Furgie,
Job searching nowadays can be like slogging through the mud.

Putting on my Statistician hat on for a moment. If I had to determine where the variability comes from, the most significant proportion has to go to the pandemic. This freakish-whirlpool attracts so many other things into its orbit. The pandemic has caused so many layoffs, which has made the number of people looking increase, causing a glut of talent worldwide, causing the pay rates to drop...

Shall I go on?

One thing I tell myself is, 'Nothing lasts forever.' This may seem fatalistic on the surface but can be comforting too.

  • Feel the terrible storm engulfing your home? Storms always break.
  • Is it dark outside? Sure, but tomorrow will be a new day.

Feeling, describing, and analyzing our surroundings in good and bad times is a fantastic thing. The examined life is well worth living. ;))

I think Socrates or Plato said something to that effect. lol

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FURGIE 📸 🧖🏾 Author

Beautifully said and written! Really appreciate this very logical and positive spin on what seems like a never ending job search and a lot of heartache! Really and truly appreciate it, means a lot!