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Discussion on: Help a teacher. Become a better developer.

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Matt C

What a great project idea! Very cool.

I was a teacher for 10 yrs. When I taught, I saw that useful math and science was not taught enough or properly. I brought Scratch into one class for a kids demo while other teachers said out loud disdainfully, 'You want to make them programmers?' As if programming had no relevancy to learning math and science concepts. Some teachers I met simply felt computers and ipads were just glorified game consoles.

Very commonly, I met parents that harbored bad feelings themselves toward school. I worked in inner-city school districts were a large majority were underprivileged. I remember hearing from parents (that would rarely visit) that being 'back in school' gave them the creeps or worse... I believe it is common many parents (in certain neighborhoods) resent a system that was not so beneficial or friendly to themselves growing up.

Gets off the soap box. ;)

So, KUDOS to you and your wife for promoting math and science in schools.