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Discussion on: I’m Kara Luton, UI Engineer and Former Ballerina. Ask Me Anything!

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Matt C • Edited on

Just imagine, you name forever linked to the Oscar Meyer wiener ad. LOL.
Could be good AND bad? lol

I saw you are a bootcamp grad. Which one? Did you like it...
Do you think a Bootcamp is worth it? I have always toyed with the idea but the cost put me off. I refuse to spend money on something I can do myself. The down side of personal education is that the "course work" can be less directed than a bootcamp. What do Non-bootcampers miss by not going?
Your thoughts?

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Kara Luton 🩰👩🏼‍💻 Ask Me Anything

I am! I graduated from The Iron Yard back in 2016. Unfortunately, they are no longer around. Back then there weren't as many online resources to be able to teach myself which is part of the reason why I decided to do a bootcamp. I also had previous experience with online school and having to teach myself and wasn't a huge fan of that.

There are definitely pros and cons to bootcamps. You do get that course work that is predefined so you have a path you're going along which is hard to get with self teaching.

For me personally, going to a bootcamp was totally worth it. Yes, it did cost a pretty penny but the return on investment for me was worth it. I definitely know it was a privilege that I could drop everything and go. Not everyone is able to do that.

Thankfully now there are a lot more resources available online so if you're fine with teaching yourself you can totally replicate the feel of going to a bootcamp!