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Discussion on: StackOverflow is ubiquitous, but how do you use it?

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Mel Reams

I just double checked and even though my SO account is 8 years old, I've never actually asked a question. I use it all the time, I just reliably find what I need or figure it out on my own. Part of that is probably that I started programming in the dark days before SO so I had to get good at reading docs and figuring stuff out on my own, and part of it is just that I mostly work in java, which has been around forever and has gotten a ton of use. Just about every question I might need to ask already has been asked, I just need to find the answer.

SO's culture does kinda suck, especially for newbies, and I super don't get their weird crusade against social niceties in questions and answers, but I can understand how people get tired of trying to answer vague questions that don't clearly explain what's wrong or include all the details too.

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Chris Anderson

I am in the same boat. I haven't ask questions but I do find that I get answers a lot. It sort of triggers my imposter syndrome that I am somehow not contributing.