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Michael Currin

There are interesting good-paying jobs around the world for both. So pick what makes you happy to work in.

I've worked a bit in 1 and a lot 2. And read widely on both.

The first option is going to be about using Python and SQL probably, some stats theory, predictive algorithms, maybe some language or picture analysis and even robots or self driving cars. You might be building something for internal use on data you have. Or you might be making something that is customer-facing like a chatbot or speech to text or recommendation engine.

Option 2 is about making web based applications. You work in finance, medicine, education, marketing, switch between on each job move... many industries need web sites for sharing info or delivering a service (social media, blogs) and of course ecommerce.
In particular the DevOps part is about making architecture decisions and infrastructure to support the web applications, storage, security and so on.

Option 2 will likely have HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Maybe Python or Java too for server side stuff. Plus you'll use AWS or similar cloud services to host the services - having a room full of machines you own is not scalable, reliable or cost efficient so the cloud is the way to go.

Option 1 will also give you the ability to find other jobs in the broader data science field.

Option 2 likely gives you options to work as a backend, frontend, fullstack or DevOps engineer.

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Dinesh Kumar Author

Thanks, man, really appreciate it.