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Discussion on: How do you start your project?

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Michael Currin

That's a great plan.

You might also decide that deploying a site with one page only and just 3 images is your first goal. Then you have that as a milestone to anchieve, which you can build on top of and feel good about and it can be shared with people. Rather than attempting to build out a site with 10 pages and 50 blog posts which never feels finished and then postponing deploying it. As another comment says, an incremental approach is good.

Then with the core site or prototype (even if it is not URL you share with people yet) you can go about adding more images, optimizing images, adding more pages, writing content, etc.

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Matt C

Hey Michael,
I absolutely agree with slowly deploying ideas or websites.
Start simple then build sophistication.

I like to say KISS; (my version is) Keep it simple & short.