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Discussion on: How do you start your project?

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Michael Currin

I'd also add a step before the sitemap.

Collecting inspiration. I like to draw on paper, screenshot websites or themes or widgets I like, collect links to tutorials and existing sites.

Its like a moodboard on Pinterest.

It helps you pick up design and structure decisions, whether deliberate or subconscious influence. And you can figure out what resonates with you. Maybe the pink and yellow bright sites by your favorite photo bloggers or instagrammers make you inspired. Maybe the old fashioned font and black and white artist photos next to the mysterious bio speaks to you. Maybe the minimal design and soft buttons of a famous photographer's site speaks to you.

Here is a gallery site of mine, forked from another repo.

It is built on Jekyll. You might like the theme or the pop up experience or the menu or the fact that large size images are in the repo and they get outputted as a fast loading thumbnails at build time thanks to a plugin.

Write down words and ideas that you like. How do you want someone to feel when they look at your site? Who is your audience? what is the main goal - to email you, to buy a print, to follow you on social media? Make sure that the design you choose honors your written intent for the site.