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Michael Currin • Edited

Indeed, you need to work independently. If you don't have a mentor or a degree to give going structure, then you have to find material for yourself from courses, tutorials, videos and reading code on GitHub.

If you need ideas on what to build, there are sites which list things from calculators to businesses so you can get ideas. "Idea Bag" site and app is a nice place to look. And ask your friends. They'll ask you to build them a web site or a web scraper or a game or something they will use and you can create together. it can feel more rewarding and less lonely than building a portfolion code that no one has found or uses yet (sharing your repos on blogs helps).

And it is a journey that continues. After a few years in software, I probably spent even more of my weekly learning new skills and applying them on projects than when I was a beginner.

Be patient with yourself and balance opinions from articles and people. A lot of opinions will be strong and will conflict. Don't focus on what is "best" but rather what is a good tool and what is an appropriate situation for it. Whether that thing is a library, language, paradigm, ...

There is no "best car". Even the fastest sports car has it's downsides and won't have the pulling strength of a truck or the agility of a thin and light bicycle.

I do think Python is a fine choice for a beginner language and a career and you'll complement that with frontend or mobile app or whatever language skills you need as you go on.