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Discussion on: Finding a tech job worthy of my time and energy ....

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Michael Tharrington

I feel ya on this!

Majority if not all require years of experience, even an internship requires 2 years of experience, many different languages learned (JavaScript, React, Node, PhP) on top of stuff like Wordpress or Shopify.

That definitely can be discouraging. But hopefully, if you're able to participate in a community like this and potentially do a bit of open source work in the interim, you can show that you're becoming more experienced on your own time, and not just via a job. Sometimes, I feel like that can be just if not more impressive.

Participating in a developer community and writing about what you're learning can really show your personality, determination, and reveal how you go about self-teaching. While employers may stress experience, I'd suggest thinking outside the box about how you can show that experience. Experience doesn't have to be limited to just your past job experience, but can include your activities outside of work as well.

Not to say that any of this is easy. I do think it's particularly hard to find a job when you're just starting out. Again, I feel ya on this one!

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FURGIE πŸ“Έ πŸ§–πŸΎ Author

Thank you for this! Definitely getting more involved in the developer community, it's not easy as an introvert but needs to be done. Just the job search is very disheartening, I appreciate this