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Discussion on: Finding Networks & Communities - My Personal Experience As A Self-Taught Web Development

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Michael Maitoza

Thanks so much for your honesty here Ayu. I struggle with "reaching out" because I am extremely shy and introverted. I also am newer to the scene of web development. While I have developed a few sites (both by myself, and with others) I still consider myself a newbie. I look forward to reading and learning more from my new friends here.

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Ayu Adiati Author • Edited on

Thank you for reading, Michael! 😊

I am extremely shy and introverted as well! 😀
Being a stay home mom and the world spinning around most of the time only around my family make it worse.
It was scary and a huge struggle, in the beginning, to put me "out there".

But you never know what you're capable of unless you push yourself outside your comfort zone bit by bit.
I'm still shy and introverted, but I start to be more comfortable being among other people, asking questions however very newbie my questions are.

That's great that you've developed a few sites, also with others!
I should start building one myself 😅

Well, I hope to see you around! 😀