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Run 3 online

It seems like you've provided a description of the game "Run 3." run 3 is indeed an endless running game that falls into the platform genre. The game was developed by Joseph Cloutier and is part of the Run series. Players control a character, often described as a "tiny alien," and the goal is to navigate through various levels set in space.

The unique aspect of Run 3 is the ability for the character to run on walls and ceilings due to the game's spatial orientation. The gameplay involves avoiding obstacles, gaps, and other hazards by strategically jumping and maneuvering to keep the character running without falling off the platforms.

As you mentioned, the game is available in HTML5 format, making it playable without Flash support. The continuous running and obstacle-avoidance mechanics, along with the space-themed setting, contribute to the game's popularity, especially among casual gamers. Players often strive to progress through levels and achieve high scores by covering as much distance as possible.

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