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Discussion on: [#CNC2022 Cohort 1] "Start Coding" Welcome Thread

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M&M 👩🏾‍💻

Hello Newbie Buddies, my name is Madelynn!
A series of unfortunate and fortunate events lead me here. Coding has me hooked, I dove into the rabbit hole and found the excitement I had as a kid when I would figure difficult things out. I joined the "Start Coding" Challenge to learn of course but to make sure I am learning the right things. It's such a jungle of information when it comes to coding.

Only thing i'm nervous about is keeping up and the excited nervousness.
Most interesting thing about coding to me is that creativity and the problem solving skills you use. Also the amazing outcomes that you get by just typing in the right puzzle piece.

Having a community like this is awesome and I feel less alone.
Super happy I was able to find this gem of a challenge.
I am pumped and I know my fellow cohorts are too!! We got this challenge!! 💪