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Discussion on: #CNC2021 "Code More" Pre-Mission Submission Thread

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Matt Jordan

Hi Everyone!

I am using FreeCodeCamp and The Odin Project (highly recommend) as my curriculum for learning full stack JavaScript web development. I too am struggling to stay motivated. Below are my own reflections, but I see similarities in many of the other responses.

My two main successes have been making a conscious effort to make coding part of my daily/weekly routine and keeping things simple.

I get stuck and lose motivation when I go beyond the scope of the project I am asked to do. My current project is for a To Do List that is supposed to cover some basic OOP concepts such as classes, factory functions, and SOLID programming. I turned it into learning how to build an MVC program with events. It's so complicated and so much self-learning that I get overwhelmed and the successes I was having get undermined.

My goals are to get into a regular routine of programming again and focus on breaking the project into the smallest necessary problems. Then I can get small wins, stay motivated, and get to a functional app with less stalling.

In the long term I want to round out my coding fundamentals, become fluent in some frameworks, and build a capstone project that others can use and I will be proud to share. I think this will give me the motivation to start seeking a web development career (preferably one where I can work from home at least part time).

Good luck everyone and hope to continue reading your posts!

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Anita Beauchamp

I have had a very similar experience with increasing the scope of my projects/tutorial exercises. Thanks for sharing.