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Brett Author

Top notch reply, thank you @mccurcio

I'm lucky in that I've played with coding several times in the past, just a few splashes in various pools to know I love it, but too many pools to know what I love most.

Since writing my original post, I started the FreeCodeCamp journey and have finished the HTML, Basic CSS, Flexbox and Responsive Web Design courses, so I'm on the way! (I'm currently half way through CSS Grid)

I guess until I know where this will lead me, I'll keep following yours and others' advice and keep learning/playing!

I plan to look at SASS next, then maybe Javascript (I tinkered with it years ago, as well as Flash's ActionScript, which was similiar, but trippy at the same time).

Thanks again for your encouragement and advice!

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Matt C

Hi Brett,
Happy to help,
Since advice is cheap, I will happily give one more piece. ;))

Checkout and local Uni. tech groups, As you might be aware, has a lot of techie groups.

I have "been to" more than a few meet-ups over the pandemic from groups in England, Boston, Germany and San Francisco or maybe in your country. haha.
What I want to learn is what people in the fields and trenches want/need to stay fresh. It's my reality check.

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Brett Author

Holy goodness! Forgive my absolute ignorance, I've never bothered with sites like Meetup cos I'm from a tiny country town where not much happens.

You just woke me up to see the forest amongst the trees - ONLINE! Duh!

So I just joined and I'm overwhelmed with choices :D Thanks again!