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Discussion on: I’m Arit Amana — Engineer, Founder, Mother. Ask Me Anything!

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Hi @aritdeveloper

Thanks for the golden advice! I knew you'd understand me ;)

As a busy parent, yep, an extra 30-35 hours per week might exist in theory, but even if it did, I doubt they'd be productive hours... so your suggestion of self-paced bootcamps would be more on the money in my situation.

LaunchSchool sounds great, though I checked and they're only for US-based learners. But I'm sure I could find something similar available to Australians if I dig a bit, and ask in the right forums.

I know there's a lot of talk about six-figure incomes, but that has never attracted me. I'd be happy enjoying a coding career on a waiter's income. But of course, happy to accept the tips :P

And thanks for putting me onto TraversyMedia. I've been through his CSS, Flexbox and Grid crash course videos in tandem with FreeCodeCamp to help consolidate what I was also learning there.

I really need to watch the Git crash course, cos I have no idea about that beast. I'm afraid Git requires one to be the careful, tidy, planning type. If so, there's another skillset I'll need to master :P

Thanks again,