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Discussion on: [Keynote] One Rule to Rule Them All: Learning in Public

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Mudita Baid

Thanks Gift for sharing this, i really enjoyed this session. It was a perfect classification of learning techniques which all of us use without even realizing it.
Once if more and more people starts Learning in Public, i think there is no way to go back. Even, it might make other techniques to be the most difficult ones as there will be infinite posts regarding every topic as everyone starts discussing in public forums. And it will be difficult for everyone to find correct solution instantly without discussing.
So, I am just curious will it be beneficial everytime in long run? Definitely I agree with you that it will help in increasing our knowledge. But what if when we need solution instantly?
Thanks :)

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Gift Egwuenu✨ Author

I think in this case, anyone that shares publicly especially in a way to teach others needs to do their due diligence and if for some reason they find that what they shared isn't the right thing it's okay to take feedback and corrections and update what they already shared.