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Discussion on: Where Does Everybody Begin Programming?

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Neha Maity • Edited on

FIRST Robotics is an organization that has programs from K-12: Seeing one way that programming could be applied helped my understanding. They have tailored programs for each age group. My high school had a FIRST Robotics club but many clubs that are a part of FIRST are independent from schools as well.

The summer between middle school and high school, I was put into a programming summer camp where I learned Python and I did not like it very much. FIRST Robotics was my first experience that was successful and members of all levels were involved. More experienced members helped out beginners. Now I'm brushing up on Python and like it much more.

I agree. With HTML and CSS, one can immediately see changes and results where as with other programming languages you need to work on more complex and advanced projects to get to that point.

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Matt C Author

Thank you so much for the link.
It sounds like a great program. I would volunteer for the program in a heartbeat. ;)