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Discussion on: Weeks 12 - Fin: Better Late Than Never

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Neha Maity

Congrats on finishing 100DaysofCode! I've loved reading your entire journey up until this point. It was very inspirational to read and human as well! My life also had plans to make this year busy. I wrote one blog post in January thinking I'd blog at least once a month and here I am and I haven't written since. I was feeling frustrated at my last job and was applying and interviewing throughout the summer. I finally got an offer and am much happier at my new job. Now that my passion for coding has reignited, I want to try to work on projects outside of work and try 100DaysofCode myself. Since graduating with a CS Bachelor's degree, I have not done a concrete project outside of school/work and I now know that's okay. I've also learned to be a lot more graceful with myself if I wasn't able to meet past goals and expectations and plan to carry that energy with me through the rest of this year and beyond. Best of luck on your journey!

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Anita Beauchamp Author


I'm really glad that you've enjoyed my posts. Congrats on changing jobs and finding something that's a better fit. I'm so happy for you! It makes a huge difference in energy level when you're in a role that adds to you (instead of draining you). Now that things are more settled, I hope you're able to get back to your side projects.

You've learned some really valuable lessons throughout the years. Self-compassion plus the better job will do wonders for you. I know that you will do great things.
And again, thanks for being here.