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Discussion on: [#CNC2022 Cohort 1 "Learn in Public"] Tell us about your "Learn in Public" plan!

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Neha Maity

Hi everyone! I'm Neha. I struggled to pick a focus since there's various areas I want to improve on and learn about ranging from C++ to Web Development. Ultimately I chose to focus on Python since it will provide me a good scope for this challenge. Here are my responses:

1. What concept/project/series have you decided to take on for the duration of the "Learn in Public" challenge?
I decided to focus on Basic Data Analysis in Python.

2. Why did you pick this focus?
I picked this focus since I have dabbled in some Python over the past few years but have not felt confident enough in my abilities. I hope this challenge will help me solidify my knowledge.

3. Why do you think sharing your journey in public will help others?
I think there is a lot to cover with data analysis and my journey will help others find a potential starting point.

4. Share the the title you landed on for the series you're going to create as well as the "entries" you anticipate creating/tackling.
Title: Creating Visualizations for a Data Set using Python Libraries
Entry 1: Clean the data
Entry 2: Applying Matplotlib
Entry 3: Applying Pandas

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Tulio Leao

Hello Neha, and good luck on your challenge. I'm curious as to why you decided to move away from C++, being a C++ developer myself.

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Neha Maity

Hi Tulio, I feel I don't know enough C++ yet to write articles for this Learn in Public Challenge. I do plan to build my skill set in C++ and build projects to solidify my knowledge later this year. Best of luck to you on this challenge!