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Hi There!

Hi folks!

My Name is Nick Taylor and I'm one of the software engineers that works on Forem, the software that powers this site!

I am a big fan of TypeScript, JavaScript, (P)React and Node. Once upon a time, I was into C#/ASP.NET. Aside from programming, I enjoy hitting the gym, snowboarding, and a long long time ago, rugby. I am also not a big fan of spiders.

Aside from CodeNewbie community, you can also find me at:

I also run the Twitter handle @vscodetips.

I like to have fun live coding at and I also stream on the DEV Twitch stream. Check out the latest stream. 👇🏻

I'm so excited to see the CodeNewbie Forem launched and look forward to all the awesome content you'll all be posting!

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