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What is Bug and defect tracking

Bug and defect tracking is the process of identifying, reporting, tracking, and resolving defects or issues that occur during software development or after the release of software products.

A bug is a flaw or error in a software program that causes it to behave in unexpected ways or produce incorrect results. A defect is a general term that refers to any issue or problem with the software, including bugs, errors, or other types of problems.

Bug and defect tracking typically involves the use of specialized software tools to manage the reporting and tracking of issues. These tools allow developers and testers to report and track bugs and defects throughout the software development lifecycle, from initial development to testing, release, and maintenance. For more details from the top industry experts, You can even check in-depth and Upskill yourself Software Testing Fundamentals concepts from Software testing Certification.

Bug and defect tracking systems typically provide a centralized repository for issue reports, allowing developers to quickly and easily identify and address problems. They may also include features for assigning and prioritizing issues, tracking the status of issue resolution, and generating reports on overall issue trends and metrics.

Effective bug and defect tracking is essential for ensuring the quality and reliability of software products and for maintaining customer satisfaction. By tracking and resolving issues as they arise, developers can prevent problems from escalating and ensure that software products meet user expectations.

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