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The most frequently used shortcuts and extensions in VSCode in one place

Hey there๐Ÿ‘‹,

Back when I started my self-learning part of programming, I was seeking to find the optimal IDE and concluded that VSCode was the one for me. As I was becoming increasingly familiar with this interface, I started realizing that VSCode offered a vast array of shortcuts. However, while I knew of the existence of such shortcuts, it was unclear which one performed a particular function. As a result, finding our which shortcuts were handy for useful and ultimately incorporating them in my daily use, proved to be an unnecessarily time-consuming task.

To overcome this, I have created VSCheatsheet which uses .gifs to illustrate the function of each shortcut. Each illustration, shows in a simple and straight-forward manner the effect of pressing a particular shortcut.


A pop-up with the keys pressed is shown at the exact timing the command is given. A prescription of the keys to be pressed for a function (in each particular operating system) is provided at the bottom of the relevant illustration.

Our team welcomes all constructive feedback and shortcut requests by users to optimize this product and create a value-enhancing experience.

You can have a look on VSCheatsheet

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