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Alison Online Course

Alison offers free diploma- and certificate-level online courses. Alison offers 4000 free online courses, with new courses being added each week, with the mission of ensuring that education is accessible to all people, regardless of their background or financial situation.

Online Zoom Course - Beginner to Advanced

This free online course is perfect for you if you have never used Zoom or have been requested to set up a Zoom call for the first time. Some of the higher-level training will be very beneficial even if you have used Zoom before and are familiar with the fundamentals. For the best experience, you can customize sophisticated Zoom settings and create "breakout rooms."

The free version of Zoom that is accessible to all users is used in this course, but it also covers the expanded capabilities that can only be accessed by paying users as well as utilizing Zoom on a PC or Mac. You will be shown the value of Zoom and how it is applied to video conferencing, meetings, and meetings. The lesson explains the distinctions between booking a meeting and setting up an impromptu meeting, as well as how to host or join a meeting via Zoom.

Finally, you will be shown how to create various virtual backdrops and filters before being guided through the screen-sharing, talking, and recording options. If you work from home, are a part of a blended workforce, or just want to catch up with distant friends and family, knowing how to use Zoom effectively is essential. If you are not in contact with your coworkers, students, or even mentees, having proficiency with Zoom will benefit your ability to conduct business more smoothly.

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