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Bash/Shell Online Courses

Bash is a command-line interpreter that runs under the Unix operating system. It is designed to be a powerful shell and has a wide variety of built-in commands, but it has historically been used only as a text-based command language for Unix shells. In contrast to other shells and command languages, Bash is intended to be a non-interactive command line interpreter β€” this means that it does not require you to type in any characters when using it.

It also includes features such as directories and links, functions, aliases, and variables.

edX - Shell Programming - A necessity for all Programmers

Participants in this course will gain confidence using the terminal (shell commands), which will increase their productivity and allow them to accomplish laborious and repetitive jobs with less effort.

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udacity - Learn Linux Administration and Supercharge Your Career

You will have a thorough understanding of the most crucial and fundamental principles of Linux server management at the conclusion of this course. More significantly, you will be able to apply those ideas in real-world scenarios. You'll be able to set up, support, and manage a range of Linux systems. Even a career as a Linux System Engineer or Linux System Administrator is possible with the knowledge you have gained.

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coursera - Introduction to Bash Shell Scripting

The Bash shell will be used to help folks who are new to shells and shell scripting lay a foundation. You'll be able to navigate and utilize the Bash shell for common tasks after learning a few of its commands. In addition, using all the commands we'll go over, we'll create a Bash shell script that will back up a directory and email the compressed file. Not only will you learn how to modify your system, but you'll also lay a strong basis for expanding your command line and scripting capabilities in Bash. For people interested in learning how to use a Linux or Unix operating system, whether to advance their knowledge of IT or software development or to utilize an alternative to proprietary, commercial software, this beginner-level guided project is ideal. People with no prior experience in cybersecurity, software development, IT, or any related field can start here and learn the skills they'll need for further education and employment.

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codecademy - Learn Bash Scripting

A bash script is a reusable script that automatically performs a set of commands to speed up your programming workflow. The core of a helpful technology is the mechanization of a repetitive operation. You will learn how to create time-saving bash scripts in this new course to enhance your personal programming workflow.

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udemy - Bash Scripting and Shell Programming (Linux Command Line)

Continue reading if you want to discover how to create bash shell scripts like an expert, deal with practical issues, or automate tedious and difficult jobs. You will be able to write bash scripts with ease after this course is through. On Linux, Unix, or MAC systems, you'll discover how to take tiresome and repetitive chores and transform them into programs that will save you time and make your life easier.

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