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Coursera - Technical Support Fundamentals

Technical Support Fundamentals

You will receive training in Technical Support Fundamentals to become an entry-level IT Support Specialist. You will receive a legitimate certificate upon completion because it is a component of the Google IT Support Professional Certificate program. The course is available for free as part of Coursera Plus, which costs $399 year and offers more courses, or for $39 per month if you only want to take it. The course includes subtitles in a variety of languages and covers subjects including binary code, Linux, and troubleshooting. Some students may also be eligible for financial aid.

Who should enroll in this program? For students looking to apply for a customer-facing IT support position, this course is a decent beginning, but it might be too elementary for other students.

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FutureLearn - Introduction to databases and SQL

Learn about databases, their uses, and how to search and change data using SQL in this lesson from the Raspberry Pi Foundation.

Along the way, you'll learn about primary keys, the connections between tables, how to build joins, and how to perform multi-table searches. You'll gather your final projects and look at database exports over the last week.

It's crucial for instructors, students, and parents to have confidence in the topic because learning about databases and SQL is a crucial component of computer science.

This course is intended for students who have never used or constructed a database using SQL but are interested in learning how. This may include parents, students, and teachers who instruct at the GCSE level or a level equal.

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edX - IT Fundamentals for Business Professionals: Programming

IT Fundamentals for Business Professionals

This course is provided by UPValenciaX and backed by the Universitat Politecnica de Valencia in Spain. It’s delivered in English with an English transcript, and can be taken at your own pace on your own time. You can access all of the course materials for free, or pay $75 to receive a verified certificate when you finish the course. The complete IT Fundamentals for Business Professionals program includes five courses in all and is designed to prepare you for the CLEP ISCA exam. You’ll learn about topics such as pseudo code, SQL language, data warehousing, and object-oriented programming. You’ll need at least some prior experience with math and computers.

This course is perfect for learners who want to take the CLEP Information Systems and Computer Applications exam and work in the IT industry.

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sabinawellington profile image

Yes, because free lessons have limits. And here I guess not so many people are interested in that, so this is why a mass-market MOOC training was not provided. What if you learn Learn Australian English with a private tutor? I think that way you will achieve your goals faster, no? From my own experience it is so.

nindajack76 profile image

There are many people who can't afford it financially, I think that's the main reason for them to find free courses. And if we know how to take advantage of it, it's really good.

salmandott profile image

I love MOOC classes and Coursera in particular. It has all sorts of free tuition. Even language classes. Although I need to learn some Australian English for my future thesis and there is none there.

nindajack76 profile image

It's a pity that it doesn't have the right course for you. However, I think there will definitely be a course, it's just that it may cost a fee. Hope you find the right course soon.