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Discussion on: #CNC2021 "Code More" Pre-Mission Submission Thread

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Hello everyone, so glad to join this exciting challenge!
After finishing local front-end dev Bootcamp, here's what I think:

What has worked:

  1. Finding great resource and understand them so it reflects on the things (app) that I made
  2. I can express what I was thinking into a functional real solution
  3. Starting doing things first in the morning, so it rolls into unstoppable work until I am feeling enough and not guilty about wasting my morning time. I am a morning person basically and having a head start in the morning motivates me to work more, and lazy mornings give me a lazy speed throughout the day and it creates such an unproductive day.

What hasn’t worked:

  1. I am not starting early in the morning. Bringing entertainment first is fun, but later it gives me a strange feeling that the rest of the day will be programmed in that way and craving more entertainment brings me guilty feelings that should not be there when I end my day.
  2. Not spending it as much as I wanted because relying too much on motivation. Motivation is made, and my personal experience is the best time is to make it early in the morning.
  3. Unrealistic idea that project is too big and I cannot get enough support. Sometimes the journey is tough and the pace seems so slow but the idea keeps flowing, and I am facing it myself whilst battling imposter syndrome. Sometimes I just have to start asking for help.

Long-term goals (what I hope to accomplish in 6-12 months)

  1. Learning front-end better
  2. Understand the fundamental of programming better
  3. Learning more about Javascript

Short-term goals

  1. Starting a habit to get things done early in the morning.
  2. Get enough sleep.
  3. Giving effort and code every day.