CodeNewbie Community 🌱


What is CodeNewbie?

CodeNewbie is the most supportive community of programmers and people learning to code! We are a space for programmers to share their coding journey, connect with one another, seek/provide support to others in the same position, and learn.

How can I get involved?

Create an account here if you haven't already and start writing and commenting on others' posts! Write up a tutorial of a recent concept you mastered in bootcamp, share some advice for people who are interested in coding, ask for some support using the #discuss and #help tags, or just provide some encouragement by commenting on another person's post. You can also follow us on Twitter to join one of our Twitter chats and chat with the other CodeNewbies. TL;DR — this community is what you make it! We're here to provide you with support, resources, and coding fun. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out.

What's your relationship with the DEV Community?

In January of 2020, CodeNewbie was acquired by Forem — the open source software powering the DEV community. DEV is a popular space for programmers of all levels to connect with one another about the fascinating field of software development, and CodeNewbie is right at home there. Now, CodeNewbie benefits from a larger support system and more creative minds to help grow this community. 💚

Ok, I've joined the CodeNewbie community. Where do I start?

Hop over to our welcome thread and introduce yourself! Then, we'd love to read an original post from you. Simply click Write a Post in the upper-righthand corner to get started. Whether you write a simple discussion prompt (ex: "What's the first programming language you learned?"), a long-form tutorial (ex: "Installing Python on OSX), be sure to use the appropriate tags. Click here for a list of top tags.