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Learning a new technology can be overwhelming...just relax!

Now a days we have the power of internet. Whenever we want to learn a new ability we can reach Google (or your favorite search engine) and start learning. In development that can be so amazing, we can read documentation, watch tutorials, ask on StackOverflow. But it can also be overwhelming.

There are so many different ways to solve a problem, so many different approaches to structure a project. Which one should I choose? Whats the best approach? The reality is that the best approach is the one you choose...until it doesn't, so just choose one and start coding!

My advise if you are starting to learn a new technology is to stick with the basics. Learn how does the framework/language work, understand it, get familiar with the documentation. If you jump right into tutorial after tutorial, you will discover so many different ways to code (not always the newbie way) and if by any chance you encounter a very advance tutorial, you may feel nothing but lost.

Do not worry about the best practices, about the code optimization (at least not yet) because it will only confuse you. Just pick a project and start coding, add lines, remove lines, break the code, fix the code and (it is very important) learn to read and get familiar with documentation.

Always remember, have fun!!

Happy coding!

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