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Extensive List of Best Development Resources - 121 Links to Guides, Cheat Sheets and More List of Resources

This is a collection of top rated web development resources every developer needs. Roadmaps, guides, free tools, programmer books, cheat sheets and more. All articles are of high quality and you have everything from soft skills to visual explanations of JavaScript internals. If you don't think this list is complete enough, you will find a lot more list like this at the end of this article.

List of Content

  1. Roadmaps
  2. Visualized Learning
  3. Crash Courses and Complete Guides
  4. For the Interview
  5. Tools, Templates and Resources
  6. Soft Skills, Career and Productivity
  7. Algorithms and Data Structures
  8. Lists of Programmer Books
  9. Coding Tips and Tricks
  10. Cheat Sheets
  11. Security
  12. APIs
  13. Uncatogorized Reading
  14. More Lists Like This


Roadmaps lets you know what you will have to learn to becoming a developer of some kind, providing you with useful guides and resources.

Visualized Learning

Regardless of whether you are a visual learner or not, these articles provides you with top quality visualized descriptions of how the web works in detail.

Crash Courses and Complete Guides

Complete guides and beginner guides to learn web development. Learn React and full stack development to master web programming.

For the Interview

Huge lists of questions to prepare for you next programming interview. Practise interview questions for JavaScript and React to become a software engineer.

Tools, Templates and Resources

Lists of free resources and tools for programmers. Browse through templates and other tools every designer needs.

Soft Skills, Career and Productivity

Boost your programmer career with soft skills and productivity tips. Tips to get the job you want and to be a better programmer.

Algorithms and Data Structures

Learn algorithms and data structures for both beginners and more advanced use cases.

Lists of Programmer Books

A list of lists with programmer books developers need to read. Find the most recommended programming books.

Coding Tips and Tricks

Quick tips and tricks to write better code. What you need to know to write good JavaScript code.

Cheat Sheets

Cheat sheets for React, CSS, Git and programming overall. Compilation of cheat sheets to bookmark.


Web development security guides to know about. Best practises with examples and beginner tutorials.


List of fun APIs to use for your next project. Find free and unique APIs for developers.

Uncatogorized Reading

Free certificates, popular git repositories and tips for how to be good at googling. Learn how to prevent sites from showing up at google.

More Lists Like This

Do you need more lists of programming resources? If this list isn't extensive enough, you can find other lists like this here.

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