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Discussion on: How to become a web developer in 2022, with coach Gandalf

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Phil Pickering

@colocodes You might want to change the GoogleTrends chart so it uses topics rather than search terms. I couldn't understand Vue's popularity in the UK until I looked at the data and realised we have a cinema chain here called Vue so you can see the sudden drop when the UK lockdown started in March 2020.
You get a very different picture (sorry Vue fans!) when you use topics instead:,%2Fg%2F11c0vmgx5d,%2Fg%2F11c6w0ddw9

BTW Awesome series of articles — thanks so much for sharing your process!

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Damian Demasi • Edited

Thanks for the feedback, Phil! That is indeed a completly different story. This reminds me how careful we need to be about interpreting data 😅