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Analytify Review – Features, Pros & Cons, and Pricing

What is Analytify ?

Analytify is a user-friendly WordPress plugin for Google Analytics. It offers a nifty dashboard with tools for real-time tracking, social media stats, universal tracking, and e-commerce tracking. Its toolset is ideal for content creators, digital marketing agencies, and advertising agencies. Analytify tools and reports can easily explain confusing Google Analytics stats. It offers tracking with page-level analytics. You can also set-off as many unique trackers as their published pages. Through it, people can easily compare the performance of each unique page and content type. Each published page receives separate in-depth reports that allow users to gain insights into how people view their content and website. Analytify makes Google Analytics easily understandable with visuals, charts, and live stats. Its highly customizable toolset allows users to bring more value to marketing campaigns and published content by full comprehension of Google Analytics. New users that sign up from CompareCamp will get a 20% discount on all Analytify plans.

Analytify features

Social Media Stats
Real-time Stats
Universal Tracking
Enhanced E-commerce Tracking
Custom Post Types
Page-level Analytics
Front End Reporting
Events Tracking
Custom Dimensions Tracking
Search Terms Analytics
Authors Performance Analytics
Google Optimize Integration
Tracking Code Insertion in AMP Pages
WordPress Forms & Custom Forms Tracking
Affiliate Links & File Download Tracking

Analytify Benefits

The main benefits of Analytify are speed, universal tracking, detailed analytics, accurate analytics, real-time tracking.


Analytify starts tracking in an instant in just a click. No complicated installation is necessary. You won’t need to hire IT personnel to arrange codes and input scripts. Users only need to plug it in WordPress.

Universal Tracking

Analytify allows users to track all kinds of marketing campaigns via WordPress. It can track SEO campaigns together with PPC content without users needing to access separate apps or websites.

Get Discount

If you sign up from CompareCamp, new users will get a 20% on all of Analytify’s plans. You can take advantage of this discount to choose the plan that best fits you at a lower price.

Detailed Analytics

Analytify has advanced tracking features for page-level analytics. This tool can track every user’s page separately. Each page gets a unique tracking ID with a dedicated track meter. Users can accurately see how pages perform vis a vis each other. Users can easily study and evaluate pages that need more engagement.

Accurate Analytics

Analytify offers specialized analytics for different kinds of posts. Analytify does not offer generalized stats that apply to all kinds of posts. Users can customize each post and dictate the manner of preferred tracking. Users receive detailed stats for different posts. It tracks posts like galleries, portfolios, and testimonials in unique separate ways.

Real-time Tracking

Analytify has a feature for real-time tracking. Users can know the age, gender, and location of live page viewers in real-time.

Get Discount

If you sign up from CompareCamp, new users will get a 20% discount on all of Analytify’s plans. You can take advantage of this discount to get the plan that fits your needs best at a lower price.

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Analytify Review – Features, Pros & Cons, and Pricing

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