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Discussion on: #CNC2021 "Code More" Pre-Mission Submission Thread

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Pulmunen • Edited

Hi all, I’m really looking forward to the challenge! Here are my pre-mission answers:
What’s worked:

  • Having a clear, concrete goal that is meaningful to me.
  • Making myself focus mindfully on resources that can be helpful, particularly actively coding along.
  • Taking breaks when I can’t find a solution to a problem.

What hasn’t worked

  • Not having a goal
  • Having breaks of more than 2 days between coding sessions within a project
  • Gathering long lists of resources to use later - I never remember which is which when I come back to them.

Long term goals

  • Specify and build front end /prototype for a MVP for an audience
  • Develop a GitHub habit - starting by adding my current short term goal projects to GiHub and become a confident GitHub user
  • Contribute regular support to other coders

Short term goals

  • Finish my current vanilla JS web component project
  • Rebuild it using React
  • Learn the basics of GitHub