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Stuck in a cornered Complexity

I am working in a company where I am a software Engineer with one year of experience,
I have pretty good concepts and a good problem-solving mind also enjoy a code attitude,

But the experience is a little scattered in time durations, due to covid,
due to personal reasons and due to some mishaps that happened in my family, I had to come to the Tech-City and go back to my village with no mentor and resources to learn,

so these gaps worked as a trojan inside me to slow down my pace of learning and performings,
But now, my senior or Team lead is not allowing me to play together, or to put my potential,

I know water makes its own way even though Mountains, but I am losing the push I need, same as the water owns to penetrate,
I can't afford to mourn over it or to cry over it, but this thing is eating me inside out, I need a pace not only for me even for my family whom I am supporting, I have plenty of reasons.

I don't know where and how to start, job timings, and no mentor or a friend in this field is with me to make me see or stand by in this situation relating and solving it together,

tried to reach people to have a healthy competition with but couldn't find one, and this phase is going on longer,

I need experts' advice, on how much connecting and satisfying that even I don't know. But please don't give me formal words that I can have from anyone regular person around me.

Can't afford to leave or switch, financially and for portfolio, as it is a very small market here, on the top, don't want to run from it.

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