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Discussion on: Weeks 6 & 7 Recap - Switching It Up

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Robert Lin

Thanks for sharing this update! Very inspiring to follow along on your journey! I've enjoyed reading about your progression and learning adventures. 🙂

On the topic of "wanting to fade into the background and not write any more summaries"-- I totally understand. Me too! A few weeks ago, I stumbled over this great post though about the the concept of "learning exhaust". Ie. Leaving a public trail of your learnings as you go. I've been following the philosophy myself these past sixty days and have been really loving it. Even if it's a little tiring, tracking daily progress, victories and failures, and having a public record of it is very fulfilling upon reflection!

Thanks for sharing the podcast ep too-- will definitely check it out! Upwards and onward! 🚀

PS. Btw, for your "last recap" link above-- I think you linked to this article instead of your last recap! 😄

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Anita Beauchamp Author

Thanks Robert!

Yes, learning in public is worthwhile, but it sure has its moments where it's super tiring. I keep doing it though because it's been really beneficial to me. This is by far the longest I've coded and written about it. I remember starting and being unsure if I would even make it and here I am 65 days later.

Thx, I forgot to fill in the link, that's why it wasn't working.