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Discussion on: I’m Arit Amana — Engineer, Founder, Mother. Ask Me Anything!

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Rachel GT

Hi Arit,

Thanks for sending me the link.

A lot of what you said resonated with me. I am a mum looking to start a new career in tech so my questions are as follows:

  1. Any advice for someone like me starting out and juggling studying, working and running a home.
  2. You mentioned that working from home was not as helpful as being in an office working in a team. Is it feasible to do both? Childcare is difficult for me and I was hoping to combine the two.
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Arit Amana Ask Me Anything

You're welcome!

Answer to Question #1

I think the best way for moms to prepare to transition to tech is to streamline and automate as much of your home life as possible, so that you have as predictable study times as possible.

For the most part, work life and responsibilities are fixed. But home life is more tweakable.

Are your kids on a schedule? Can your partner or adult household members take more chores and responsibilities? Study time is a precious resource when learning to code, so do your best to create consistent time-blocks that are as uninterrupted as possible 🧡

Answer to Question #2

I have been working remotely for over a year now (with an actual remote company, not just due to pandemic) and I will say, if I needed to keep my kids with me during the workday, I probably wouldn't get much work done during the day 😅

Let me ask: would you have more childcare support in the evenings?

If yes, I would see if my job would be okay with some of my work hours being in the evening and into part of the night (like maybe 7pm to 12am or 1am). That way, I could just be a mother during the day, attend meetings on mute, respond to emails and messages, but not really do any deep work until I could have some support.

I would also have my kids take a nap (or dedicated quiet time if they are older) so I could make up some sleep during the day lol.