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Discussion on: [On-Demand Talk] When Deeds Speak, Words Mean Nothing

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Raquel Román-Rodriguez

This was such an awesome talk. Thank you for this! As a teenager, I wanted to work in video game design. I got the opportunity to do a program the summer before my senior year of high school where I took some courses at a leading institution for game design. At that program, another participant told me during our final showcase, "You know, at the start of this I thought you were just pretending to like video games, but you're actually pretty good at this."
I ended up not even applying to any programs for game design my senior year, because I knew my life would be filled with comments like this, working to overcome hiring managers and bosses who thought this (or worse), and as a 17-year-old, I couldn't handle it.
The world has changed some since then, but I've changed a lot. After years of working as a professor of music and performing as a professional singer, I decided to pivot to software engineering. I signed up for a bootcamp and developed my first-ever video game this year! It was such an awesome experience.
The idea of making the seat for yourself is so important, as is confronting the internalized biases we have that we direct toward others, exploring the inherent biases we hold without realizing, and using our power to continue to "bring chairs" for others.
Thanks again for the awesome talk!

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Charlene Author

This really hit home. Thank you for sharing.
I was once told to give up on the python course I was struggling with.."Coz the world will always need janitors" (unquote)
Comments like that are a red rag to a bull for me and I went on to pass the course with a distinction. The rest is history as they say