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Thank you for doing this!

How does Disco inserts itself in the resurgences of podcasts? Will it be also be a podcasting community geared to developers somewhat?

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Saron Yitbarek Ask Me Anything

I think right now we're seeing a rise in audio outside of just podcasting. Podcasts are great, but as a business, it's tough. Podcasts are tough to discover, hard to build an audience around, especially nowadays when you're competing with all of these celebrity-driven shows, and you're pretty limited to advertising as a business model. People are starting to realize that there's much more to audio than just podcasting and we're going to start seeing other businesses pop up with that medium at the center. That's where Disco is -- we're using audio as our tool for education, starting with a focus on developers. And instead of relying on ads, we're implementing a content subscription model. Hope it works!