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Why You Should Stop Watching Programming Tutorials

For about a year I was watching tutorials on how to do various things in Web Development.

You might be wondering how can someone watch tutorials for so long, and to this day I have no idea what truly happened.

I watched tutorials how to build out fully functional web apps and software's. I truly felt as if I knew how to create these apps/software's because of how easy instructors made it look.

The main purpose of these tutorials are to entertain and some are in a smaller group which actually serve to educate, however they are few in numbers.

If you wish to code then the only real way to learn is by doing and this has been said by many others before but it's an underrated statement which after leaving here today I want you to take more seriously.

Watching videos on how to program/code for 3 months+ puts you in a state I call "Tutorial Kiddie" this is when you watch tutorial after tutorial without ever practice building anything with the knowledge you gain.

In conclusion you don't want to be a Tutorial Kiddie use the knowledge you gain and build projects.

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Larry Martin

Theory without practice is like having a map but never embarking on the journey. Dive into coding challenges create real projects and watch how your skills flourish through hands on experience. Embrace the learning by doing mantra.
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Passive Learning vs. Active Learning: Watching programming tutorials can sometimes promote passive learning, where you're simply absorbing information without actively engaging with it. Active learning, which involves hands-on practice, problem-solving, and experimentation, is often more effective for retaining and applying knowledge.

Limited Practical Application: Tutorials often provide step-by-step instructions for specific tasks or projects kitchens for sale glasgow. However, real-world programming involves a wide range of challenges and scenarios that tutorials may not cover. By practicing independently, you can build problem-solving skills and learn to apply your knowledge to different contexts.

Lack of Creativity and Critical Thinking: Following tutorials closely may stifle your creativity and critical thinking. Programming is about finding innovative solutions to problems, and relying solely on tutorials may inhibit your ability to think outside the box.

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Andrew Baisden

Not sure I totally agree here there is much value to be had in programming tutorial's. I learned most of my best skills from YouTube and Udemy courses. I think the main concern here is getting stuck in tutorial hell and not leaving the tutorial videos behind.

If you can learn by watching it and then go off on your own and build something with the skills you just learned. Then it has succeeded in teaching you valid skills.