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Discussion on: #CNC2021 "Code More" Pre-Mission Submission Thread

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Samyuktha Ganeshkumar

Determine what has worked.

Think about the times you've been happy with what you've coded — jot down three things that went well.

  • Doing lab assignments which adhere to how my profs want it
  • MyCMS-the cafeteria app I worked on during my CEF fellowship
  • The features I built for Arike

Next, jot down three reasons why that was a happy coding session.

  • I liked working with the Ruby on Rails Framework and learning how to build a system that incorporates everything.
  • I got enough resources to understand what I had to do.
  • I was motivated by the fact that I might have something on my Github profile

Determine what has NOT worked.

Write down three things that you were unhappy about.

  • I did not have enough time to think things through.
  • I could not understand how to turn certain algos into code
  • I assumed that I simply cannot do certain things with my knowledge at that time.

Next, write down three reasons why those unhappy things happened.

  • faced Impostor syndrome because I was thinking that I am not that intelligent to grasp the concepts needed
  • Certain stuff like resolving bugs were taking too much time stressing me out since I wanted to beat the other students in finishing my webapp
  • I did not listen to classes well when my prof thought the algos

What are your long-term goals?

  • To come up with quicker solutions for implementing alogrithms in the language best suited for that purpose
  • To participate in hackathons
  • To get selected for the MLH fellowship
  • To fill my Github profile with various projects

What are your short-term goals?

  • Learn best coding practices like documentation
  • Learn tips and tricks for getting things done faster i.e. increasing my productivity
  • Decide on tech stacks that I would need to learn and know about the best way to learn them