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Saron Yitbarek Ask Me Anything

Podcasts are tough. I think they're a really great medium as a consumer, but as a producer, it's really hard to grow and get discovered. I got lucky that I was invited to a bunch of other people's podcasts and had a bunch of speaking gigs that helped me get exposure. In fact, I actually launched the CodeNewbie Podcast while I was a panelist on someone else's show and they helped me promote it to their already huge audience. That helped me so much.

YouTube videos are way more work than a podcast, but the upside is the discoverability. Videos are easier to share, repost, they get tagged and indexed better, all making it easier to get viewers. If I was starting from scratch and didn't have much of an audience, I'd probably start with YouTube videos.

I don't really make YouTube videos, so take what I say with a grain of salt, but if I were going to do videos, I'd make short little videos that are super specific. I'd try and find topics that are commonly searched or errors that people are likely to look up. I'd also look at other coding videos that are super popular and see what works and how I might find things to either try out myself or identify things that are missing from their content that I can do. Hope that helps!

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Thanks for this elaborate explanation and for sharing your experience it is definitely utilitarian.