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Need help regarding creating a backend for pushing and editing data in mongodb

I am currently working on a project that is a marketing website. It has around 100 products to be displayed. I chose my framework to be Nextjs 13. The data of the products is stored in mongodb Atlas. As for the images, they are uploaded on cloudinary. Each document in the database has imageURL field that has the public ID for the cloudinary image. I initially had all the data regarding the products in an excel file. I then converted it to csv, parsed the csv to make appropriate json and used the json file to upload data to mongodb. Now I want to be able to change the imageURLs again, edit the name of the product etc. Is there a way to achieve this inside the same app i.e. I don't have to maintain 2 seperate projects, one for the front-end and one for the backend. Also this project does not require any authentication. Hence this problem is prominent. Otherwise, securing a route, and creating an admin dashboard would have been the best solution.

Could anyone suggest me a possible way to achieve this?

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