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Discussion on: [On-Demand Talk] From Tech Support To Developer

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Nočnica Fee Author

Really my recommendation there was to think about combining development with something you were good at before you started learning to code. Even if it's not something you got paid for, just think about the work, or work-like activities, that you really enjoyed.

If you enjoyed schmoozing while tending bar, developer Advocacy might be for you.

If you were always the one who planned your family vacation itinerary, complete with timetables and meal plans, you might want to think about project management.

Or if you liked selling, making deals, and growing your paycheck with hard work and high performance, maybe Solutions Architect is the right role.

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This plus what you said during the discussion are such helpful and insightful things to hear. Really helps clarify how to think about directions to take, many thanks for your response and talk